About Us

We are a proud Australian, socially-conscious family business with a sustainable supply chain, giving our customers the confidence to purchase our high quality products and services.

MPCO. is made up a team of people dedicated to providing quality products, with a first class customer service.

With more than 30 years’ experience in furniture, particularly in seating, Director Piero Montagliani has a wealth of knowledge and experience. 

This knowledge, along with expert training in OH&S, has been passed onto the workshop team technicians. This ensures our chairs are well designed providing superior comfort, ergonomics and durability, while complying with all Australian & International Standards.


The construction of our seating and tables provide the best balance between strength, durability and versatility. From using high quality, certified components for our movable seating, through to the soft cell and injected foams and upholstery used, our furniture is robust.

Since 1995, our engineering and design team have been passionate about their work and this is reflected in our designs incorporating our dedication, attention to detail and aesthetics to each piece of furniture built. It goes without saying that our quality control is pivotal in ensuring our high class craftsmanship is used on every single customer product. This enables us the confidence to give our Warranty and Guarantee on each piece.

Design Excellence

With functionality and aesthetic in mind,  MPCO. designs unique furniture suited to a broad range of spaces. Inspired by the modern interior, MPCO. has a fine eye for detail and design excellence.

Not only do we ensure that all designs are made to the highest standard, materials and components are also sustainable and are of the finest quality.  As a proudly Australian owned business, we understand what it takes to make furniture that feels like home.

AFRDI Certification and Ergonomics

Many of our seating products, particularly our task chairs, are AFRDI Certified. This is critical in ensuring our products incorporate not just ergonomic principles that ensure a comfortable fit and correct posture for people of any almost any size and shape, but are sturdy and durable. This is the purpose of achieving this highly acclaimed certification in Australia.

We have the expertise and knowledge in ergonomics in this modern age of ever-changing workplace and home office needs: offering all the comfort demands you desire.

For instance, correct lumbar support and sitting on the correctly sized seat and backrest with full ergonomic adjustability, is what our task chairs will provide for you.

Feel free to contact us by clicking here or book a private appointment with us, if you would like assistance in selecting the right chair model that will suit you best.


Customer Service

MPCO. is dedicated to providing a quality customer service, so that customers' needs are well cared for. We are committed to providing a quick and seamless online experience.

For a more personalised experience, come visit us by booking a private appointment at our Showroom. A member from our wonderful team will be able to assist with regards to our products, as well as personalised layouts.


Our commitment to environmental responsibility in producing products, our workplace operations and chain of custody, is of high importance. We use equally socially responsible suppliers to ensure they continue to be committed in the production of their materials. We continue to make every effort to reduce our carbon footprint and are focused on selecting materials that are made from recyclable materials and/or are fully recyclable.

The majority of our products are locally manufactured which helps in our effort to support the local economy, keeping people in jobs and in the overall promotion of Australian Made products.

"As a proud Australian owned family business, we understand what it takes to make furniture that feels like home."

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