From Home to Workspace - Mesh Office Chairs

Tenderform chair

Whilst most us have probably neglected chair in our empty workplace over the past year - that we previously may have occupied from 9 till 5 - two things we should also ask ourselves are: Did it fulfil both the desired style and comfort in mind? Can I bring it home to support my at home productivity?

A comfortable, sleek mesh chair with or without some armrests for some added comfort, is likely the answer to both of these questions. Armrests are likely to help remove any strain and postural issues, from leaning or hunching forward when we're not typing or writing at our tables. If you've spent time working at your kitchen table or dining room table on a non height adjustable seat, you could be doing more damage to your back and neck than good.  Slouching or sinking low into your chair for long amounts of times, can affect posture by weakening our back and lumbar, potentially hindering our capabilities for doing many of our other daily activities. 

Our versatile range of Mesh Office chairs, ranging from entry level to premium models, is able to meet many of your productivity and stylistic requirements you look for to get through your day, in comfort. Below we've put together something to help you discover which Mesh chair will best suit you. 

Do prefer either:

a) superior and refined ergonomic comfort to support long hours of productivity 

b) comfort in ultimate style ease of adjustment and customisability, whilst upgrading your space, whether the office or at home. 

c) an affordable and ergonomic alternative for your home or office.


If you chose a) the Envy Mesh chair, which boasts extreme comfort and optional armrests. Armrests combined with full ergonomics supports long hours of productivity and reduces neck and shoulder strain felt from leaning or resting our arms forward on our desks when we aren't typing or writing away. It comes in medium back, high back and drafting chair modes in 3 seat sizes, with multiple colour options in rich wools. The Trinity Mesh Chair boasts similar features, featuring in black or grey upholstery and a minimalistic mesh back. Unlike Envy, the Trinity, though not fully ergonomic, boasts a synchronised seat and back tilt adjustment for ease of adjustment.

b) then the sleek Tenderform in Standard or the more premium Deluxe model is most likely right for you.  Although, for a more sleek all over mesh look, electric synchornised seat adjustment and adjustable lumbar support for postural brilliance, opt for the Tenderform Deluxe chair. The standard model Tenderform chair on the other hand boasts seat customisability, available in a range of upholstered leather and premium wool fabrics, ideal for making a statement in your space. It also comes with an optional headrest in mesh or upholstered in matching material. 

With many more expensive models yet uncomfortable Mesh office chairs in the marketplace, for those of you who chose c), the ErgoStyle Mesh chair,  provides both full ergonomics and comfort for supporting your productivity capabilities, without having to fork out a hefty sum. Featuring in drafting, medium back and high back models to suit your comfort requirements, you can also add adjustable armrests for added comfort and support. 

Want more? You can view these and our full range of bespoke furniture to complement your Mesh chairs here.